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Warface - Rest In Pieces

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Die safely and rest in pieces!

Warface returns with his sixth artist album 'Rest In Pieces'. Arriving together with a staggering new live show, Warface aims to push the boundaries of Hard Dance with his renewed and refreshed style that echoes through the new material.

'Rest In Pieces' includes some of Warface's most recent releases, plus never-heard-before solo tracks and collaborations with the likes of Riot Shift, Rooler and many more.


  1. Down To Earth
  2. Levitate (with Adjuzt ft. Iris Goes)
  3. Sky Fall
  4. Taste The Blade
  5. Flyin High (with Rooler)
  6. Rest in Pieces (ft. Iris Goes)
  7. Nothing To Lose
  8. Satisfaction
  9. Control The Soul (Mutilator Remix)
  10. Dead End (with Riot Shift)
  11. Come With Me
  12. Open Your Eyes (with D-Sturb) (RVAGE Remix)
  13. Burn It Down