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Killshot - Lock & Load

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"Let me show you the way... My 'Lock And Load' way."

End of Line Recordings icon Killshot has embraced the ultimate self expression project in the form of his debut album 'Lock And Load'. To be released on December 16th, the 1 CD soundscape showcases his broad musical vision that's influenced by many different sub-genres and styles. 13 diverse tracks are united into one tenacious musical journey that immerses listeners into the world of Killshot.

  1. Who Am I
  2. Lock And Load
  3. The Nights (ft MC Livid)
  4. Zo Niet Jij (ft. EZG)
  5. Burning Love (ft. Critical Mass)
  6. JUMP (ft. Cryex)
  7. Ghettobass (ft. Bloodlust & Unresolved)
  8. Hunter Of The Night (ft. Frontliner)
  9. Inside Of Us (ft. Mutilator)
  10. Bring The Beast Out
  11. Acid At Midnight
  12. Death Rave (Refract Remix)
  13. Fat Beat (ft. N-Vitral)