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Bloodlust - In Blood We Trust

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End of Line prodigy Bloodlust has embarked on the biggest project of his career so far. His debut album 'In Blood We Trust' is an all-encompassing view of Bloodlust's sound and what he stands for as an artist. A range of sounds are here to capture your attention; from collaborations with the likes of E-Force, Unresolved, Deluzion and Elite Enemy to never-heard-before Bloodlust solos, you'd best prepare yourself to be completely taken into this assassin's world.


  1. Bloodlust – In Blood We Trust (Ft. Carola & Livid)
  2. Bloodlust – Future (With Deluzion)
  3. Bloodlust – Falling Down
  4. Bloodlust – Lonely (With Unresolved)
  5. Bloodlust – Feel Alone
  6. Bloodlust – Game Breaker (With E-Force)
  7. Bloodlust – Won’t Give Up
  8. Bloodlust – Get Up (With Regain)
  9. Bloodlust – I Want Your Body
  10. Bloodlust – Samurave (Adjuzt Remix)
  11. Bloodlust – Lose Control (With Elite Enemy)