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warrior, sound, aftermath

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Situated at the pinnacle of his career and determined to remain in his reign, Unleashed Records head-honcho Digital Punk is stepping forth to vigorously pursue a new set of goals.

With a burning desire to explore and create, as of late, Punk has been fixated on delving in to his deepest creativity as he enters the next phase of demolition.

Blood, sweat, tears and numerous cups of coffee have gone into this mission, but now, it’s time to open the curtains to reveal Digital Punk’s THIRD album “FRAGMENTS”.

He will challenge everything you thought you knew, through the art of skull-shattering, mind-wrecking tunes. “FRAGMENTS” symbolises the hostile environment of annihilation – and we can assure you that Digital Punk will take no prisoners in his mission to leave your mind in pieces.


1. Fragments Intro
2. Digital Punk - Die Trying
3. Digital Punk ft. Sabacca - Toxic
4. Digital Punk - The Revelation (Hard Driver Remix)
5. Frequencerz & Digital Punk ft. Jonjo - Fate Of The Fearless
6. Digital Punk & Max Enforcer - Start the Revolution
7. Digital Punk & B-Front - The Supernatural 8. Digital Punk - Seismic Frequencies
9. Degos & Re-Done & Digital Punk ft. MC Diesel - Flames Rising
10. Digital Punk & D-Sturb & Nolz - The Aftermath
11. Public Enemies - Keep It Raw
12. Digital Punk & Nolz - Adapt Or Die (Degos & Re-Done Remix)
13. Digital Punk & Radical Redemption & Alee - Poisoned By Society
14. Digital Punk & Jack Of Sound - Change The Fckn’ Channel
15. Digital Punk ft. Sabacca - Fragments
16. Digital Punk - Getting FCKD UP
17. Adaro & Digital Punk - Whiplashed (Killshot Remix)
18. Nosferatu & Public Enemies - Unified Demolition
19. Digital Punk - Sense In Violence

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